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WWOOF'ing in Costa Rica!

We finally heard back from a farm through WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities in Organic Farming) in Costa Rica! We'll be volunteering on a horse farm in the mountains for the month of December. Turns out we get our own little house to live in...the details of the house are uncertain, ie. not sure if there is running water, electricity, etc. We'll find out when we get there! I'm so excited to just live simply and help out with the animals on the farm, study Spanish, and meet lots of new people!

I'll try to upload photos from our time at the farm - not sure if they have internet though so it might be a while! Can't believe it's already November 18th...one week from Sunday and it'll just be me, Kyle, our backpacks, and a new continent!

- Hillary

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The Beard, Parte Uno

...Preparations (with a little 'stache thrown in)

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For those of you who have seen me at some point since September, you were able to see my first beard: trimmed (mostly), clean (sometimes) and, well...a bit patchy for my liking. It began more out of laziness than intention. I was entering my last few weeks at work and didn't feel like shaving, so I figured, "what the hell, let's give this a shot." I muscled through those first couple weeks of non-stop itch, and when it finally filled in, I suppose you could say it really...grew on me? Ugh. Alright. But what can I say? I liked the way I looked, and I didn't even have to go to Men's Warehouse.

Alas, Beard 1.0 had to go. It's not because I don't love having a beard, but because I need a fresh template for Beard 2.0 - The Latin American Version. And, my goodness, I just wanted to feel a smooth touch on my face again (it felt incredible).

Starting from this point forward, if you all would follow me along, I'd like to track how my beard develops during our travels. I've set only a few guidelines for myself: (1) I start out clean-shaven before we leave, (2) trim just enough to keep it semi-manageable, and (3) post an updated picture and blurb at least every other week, pending technological limitations.

So with that, for your viewing displeasure I present to you all my first "The Beard" post. I apologize for such close shots of my mug and for the mustache picture. I couldn't pass up the chance to gaze in awe/horror at my mustachio'd self.

If you'd like to see each of my beard-related posts, I've tagged them under..."beard" on the right-hand column of this page. Enjoy!

1) THE BEARD (I'll miss you)

2) THE MUSTACHE (so dirty)

3) CLEAN SHAVEN (ahhhhhhhhhhh)

Now I just need a nice haircut...

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18 Days and Counting!

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After a month and a half of traveling across America and all over the east coast together, Kyle is heading back to Vermont today and I'm staying here in New Jersey so that we can both spend time with our families before shipping out to Latin America. We keep thinking of more and more things we have to take care of everyday (although, they do tend to be the same things we've written on countless lists - we just need to get them done!) such as purchasing our travel insurance, figuring out what we're going to pack, setting up an international cell phone (for emergencies), etc, etc. It'll all get done, slowly but surely.

It's still all too surreal that this trip is actually happening. After 11 months of dreaming, researching, and saving, we're finally leaving in just under three weeks. Eek!!

I've never traveled as a backpacker before, let alone in Central and South America. I'm sure computers with internet will be readily available at the hostels we'll stay at in big cities but I'm still not sure how often we'll be able to blog. Friends - please check back regularly for updates!

- Hill

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