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Me and My Fishbone

A love story.

We had just arrived on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. Cahuita, to be exact. We dreamed of sunny days by the beach...perhaps taking a surf lesson or three. But, sadly, we were greeting with cloudy skies and something between a light drizzle and heavy rain. Alas, if we couldn't enjoy the Caribbean waters, we could at least enjoy the amazing food the area is known for.

After hopping off the bus and settling into our cabina, Kyle and I headed to the main strip of Cahuita for some grub. Cahuita is a sleepy town where people come to straight up relax. There is one small street with a few restaurants, sodas, and bars, with plenty of delicious food options geared toward tourists. We chose a quaint hole in the wall spot and were ready to seriously chow down. I ordered a dinner with fish, gallo pinto, and a yummy fruit drink.

We started eating and it was ah.mazing. However, I didn't quite realize at first that my yummy fish dinner came with tiny bones still in it. There I was, eating away, when all of a sudden I swallowed a bite of fish...but not all of it went down the whole way. There was a tiny bone stuck in my throat that wasn't budging. Kyle and I thought that if I just kept eating and drinking, it would eventually go down. So, I did not fret, and kept enjoying my delicious meal.

Fast forward to the next morning. That darn fishbone was still stuck in my throat...and by now, it was really beginning to irritate me. And hurt a bit. Kyle grabbed one of our trusty headlamps and took a look down my throat to try to see where it was. If we could see where it was, then maybe we could just take it out. ''I see it! I see it!'' Kyle said. I take a look in the mirror and to my surprise, I see the fishbone lodged into the side of my throat, a ways behind my tonsil. Taking it out ourselves was NOT an option. We talked to Elijah, the owner of our cabina, about my issue, and he said to visit the Clinica up the road where the town doctor was.

The Clinica looked like your run of the mill doctor's office and by 9am it was already packed with locals. We knew it was going to be a long day. After waiting for a few hours, we finally got called in to speak with the nurse, a very kind lady who chuckled when I told her my problem. She wasn't sure that the doctor had the right tool to take the fishbone out, but that he would try. At this point, I really wanted this stupid fishbone out of my throat so we could go on enjoying our time in Cahuita.

We finally got called in to see the doctor. He asked me what the problem was. I told him. Another bit of chuckling. For some reason, I don't think they see a lot of patients with this problem. I layed down on the chair and the doctor checked out the situation. First, he tried to reach down into my throat with one tool, but it ended up being too big. He searched through some drawers for a bit, looking for something smaller, and I was afraid that he wasn't going to have the right tool, and that I would have to go to the main hospital. I REALLY didn't want to have to do that.

The doctor left the room for a minute, and came back with what looked like an extra long pair of tweezers. I was hopeful! He reached down into my throat and in a manner of seconds, pulled out the fishbone! I think I was so happy, I shed a tear. The doctor held up the tweezers with a huge smile and little cheer!

The Fishbone...

The Fishbone...

Lesson learned...stay away from eating small fish...and look out for the bones!!


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Great story Hill

by TPG

Nice story Hillary! Glad your clinica experience worked out. Hope you saved that bone as a keepsake!

by Evan

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